The proposed project site, currently the location of a date palm orchard, has been completely re-envisioned to incorporate the latest, most innovative, sustainable design standards.  Once completed, it will set a new standard for healthy, sustainable, community living, and local employment.

With a total planning area of more than 80 acres, Date Palm Business Park is designed to integrate seamlessly into the City of Coachella’s goals for Cannabis Cultivation, Processing, and Manufacturing.

By creating a master plan for the entire project site, Date Palm Business Park will provide backbone infrastructure such as sewer, water, natural gas, hi-speed internet, and provide connectivity that enhances traffic and security circulation for the entire Cannabis Zone.

In addition to the basic infrastructure needs for the area, Date Palm Business Park is setting aside approximately 3.9 acres for an Electrical Substation that will provide the power for this growing area of the City of Coachella.

Date Palm Business Park also features a 6+ acre
combined park and retention basin allowing for value engineering of the site and structures.

Furthermore, by combining the total retention/flood protection facilities of the entire 82-acre project site into two large parks, health and safety for the employees is enhanced and maintenance of these facilities is far more efficient.